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GrailWorld Issues

Issue no. 38

The art of dying is the art of living

Issue no. 37

Issue no. 36

Issue no. 35

ell-being, health and healing through dialogue with the body
Roswitha Sacher talks about elemental beings at work inside us

Issue no. 34

The conscious and the subconscious: the puzzle of body, soul and spirit
Womanhood - vital link in Creation

Issue no. 33

Issue no. 32

Life, death and resurrection of the Son of God in a new light

Issue no. 31

The hidden processes of disease development

Issue no. 30

Signs of the times!

Issue no. 29

Issue no. 28

Towards much-needed energy transition
The importance and astonishing effect of prayer

Issue no. 27

Work in an age of automation!
The hidden processes of disease development • Part 4

Issue no. 26

Further instalments of this series available in issues of GrailWorld
What can we do?

Issue no. 25

Issue no. 24

Animals as clairvoyants and prophets

Issue no. 23

What actually is the "Grail"?

Issue no. 22

What is the truth about 'human-caused greenhouse effect'?
The causes of "burnout" crisis
Is it a coincidence?

Issue no. 21

Living with an occupational crisis

Issue no. 20

Organ recipients develop strange characteristics
'E-numbers' that allergy sufferers should watch out for
Basics of job satisfaction

Issue no. 19

The pernicious danger

Issue no. 18

Recent experiments suggest to neuroscientists that the human being has no free will.
A phenomenon of our time

Issue no. 17

An Obsolete Virtue or Urgent Necessity?

Issue no. 16

Why it is such an advantage, to eat according to the season
Are stigmata a divine gift or a punishment? Are those affected sacred or guilty?
The 'potato famine' – a dramatic warning for today!

Issue no. 15

In conversation with Susanne Barknowitz
Theory of evolution
A mistaken contradiction

Issue no. 14

interview with Dutch heart surgeon and death researcher Dr. Pim van Lommel

Issue no. 13

An inescapable fate?

Issue no. 12

Issue no. 11

Issue no. 10

Issue no. 09

Issue no. 08

Issue no. 07

Issue no. 06

Issue no. 05

Issue no. 04

Issue no. 03

Issue no. 02

Issue no. 01